About: Jungle Jewels Connect

Jungle Jewels Connect is a very casual and entertaining game. To finish the level, match the fresh fruits in the forest (by touching them). Overcome more and more difficult stages to boost your score and earn a spot on the worldwide leaderboard. Enjoy the "Tip" button, which will show the location of two identical fruits. And remember to finish the level before time runs out. After the water runs out, hit "Shuffle" to rearrange the trees on the left side of the display. Nevertheless, the amount of times you may use the Shuffle ability is limited; if it runs out, you will lose.

In addition to the tobacco, Jungle Gems Connect has a clue that reveals two jungle fruits to assist you pass the board. But use them with caution, since you will need a plan to finish the game as quickly as possible.

Jungle Gems Connect is the ideal game for anyone seeking a fun and difficult puzzle experience, thanks to its vibrant visuals and entertaining gameplay. Why wait? Download immediately and begin matching wild fruits immediately.

How to play Jungle Jewels Connect

Mouse: To link a pair of identical cells, click the first cell and then the second. If the level is successfully finished, a white connecting line will emerge between the tiles before they depart from the playing surface.
Mobile: To link matching tiles on a mobile device, touch one tile followed by the other.

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