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About: Terraria

Terraria is an adventure sandbox game where players have to craft, build, and fight for their survival. The game sets in a 2D tile-based randomly generated world. Get ready to construct your very own city, explore for fortune, fight for survival, and dig for glory in the World of Terraria.

It’s the land of big adventure and great mystery, and also your own land to shape, defend, and enjoy. Everything is at your fingertips. 

How to play Terraria

Terraria game is developed by Re-Logic and released on May 16, 2021. The game was inspired by Minecraft and Metroid. So if you've known about these games, you will probably know how Terraria game works. In this procedurally generated 2D world, players will engage in activities like exploration, crafting, building, and mining, as well as battle with a wide range of creatures. You can fish, ride a horse, build houses for helpful NPCs, and do a lot of other things.

In Terraria, players begin with some fundamental tools and an NPC (non-player character) guide to help them get started. A lot of resources, like metal ores, can be discovered while you explore cases.

As a player, you will start the game with low health and mana, both of which can be improved by obtaining and crafting certain items.

Crafting new items and new pieces of equipment requires the use of resources. And of course, different recipes need different resources and different crafting stations as well (crafting stations include: Furnace, Work Bench, Heavy Work Bench, Anvil, Sawmill, Glass Kiln, and Hellforge). So, try to find as many resources as you can. Note that some resources can only be found in certain locations on the map, dropped by particular enemies, or in common and rare containers.

There are more than 500 weapons of magic, melee, and summon varieties, together with armor for you to discover and craft. You’ll need to use them to battle many different types of enemies, the appearance of which is determined by a number of factors such as time, location, as well as random events. But soon, you will be facing off against one of a dozen huge bosses that use many different combat mechanics and is likely to drop valuable and rare items.

One more thing is that you also have the option to change how the character looks when creating a new one and in-game by going to the Clothier NPC or the Stylist NPC. This game is playable in both multiplayer and single-player modes.

Game Controls:

You need your mouse and the keyboard to play Terraria.

Mouse: Dig/Place/Attack

WASD: Move

E: Open or Close Inventory or Chest

1 to 8: Select your tool or item

L: Toggle lag prevention

T: Talk

C: Open console

Space: Lag free mouse click

Game Features:

  • Sandbox play
  • Free content updates
  • Randomly generated worlds

Bottom line

It’s not exaggerated that Terraria is a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that combines the freedom of sandbox-style creativity with aspects of traditional action games. What makes the Terraria game unique and interesting is also an impressive catalog of more than 5000 items, over 25 NPCs, and more than 400 enemies. Are you ready to dive into the game? Play it now and build your own world.

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