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Zombs Royale is a massive multiplayer survival game taking place in a battle royale arena. In the game, players will drop into the dangerous battlefield via a parachute and look for resources and comradery with other people. 

How to play Zombs Royale

In Zombs Royale, you will have to build a base, take down hostile players, and, of course, fight against zombie hordes. You should know that there can be one and only Zombs Champion.

There are four different game modes in Zombs Royale, including: "Solo", "Dous", "Squads", and "Limited game". In which, Duos is the game mode with 2 players, Squads is the mode with 4-player teams, and Solo is the mode with a one-man army. With "Limited time," the game modes will change every few days.

Game controls

To move, use the arrow keys or WASD.

Left-click to shoot.

Right-click to open the emoticon list.

E to interact.

Tab or M to view the map.

R to reload.

Features of the game

  • A lot of loot to find and try out.
  • Massive 100-player battlegrounds.
  • Action-packed gameplay.
  • Cosmetic items that can change your appearance.

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