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Taming.io is a survival game using supernatural companions. This game belongs to the Skill Games category. Taming.io does not require account creation or login. You will battle against the most players in the game, and your objective is to achieve the best score or be the last player standing. On Game IO, we have recently updated a number of the newest and finest games similar to Taming.io. Gather materials to construct your settlement.
Unlock new crafts and weaponry by gaining levels; place the windmill to create gold. Tame creatures and force their evolution in epic combat! Remember to collect golden apples from the chest in order to customize your character and pet.

Each pet has a unique skill with its own strengths and weaknesses. Fire, Plants, Water, Electricity, Impede, Injure, Repulse, Heal... Choose your starting pet and tame new pets throughout the game. Construct your army and battle other tamers! Additionally, you may play all of our other free and secure games!

How to play
Utilize the mouse and function keys, or see the in-game manual.


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