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About: Voxiom.io

Voxiom.io is a multiplayer first-person voxel shooter that can be considered a mix of Minecraft and Battle Royale. In Voxiom.io, players must build, craft, and shoot in a strategic way to gain advantages and win.

In fact, Voxiom.io is inspired by very well-known titles like Fortnite, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike. There are 2 different game modes for Voxiom.io to choose from: Battle Royale and Capture the Gems.

How to play Voxiom.io

Since this is a battle royale, players need to try to survive as long as possible by strategically building, crafting, and shooting on the battlefield to gain advantages. In Voxiom.io, when you find yourself under attack, you can rapidly build a wall for cover. It is also totally possible to mine various resources so that you can use them to upgrade weapons.

The combination of crafting and building in Voxiom.io does provide players with a truly unique first-person shooter experience.

Game Controls

W to move forward.

S to move backward.

D to move right.

A to move left.

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