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Welcome to the game "Capybara Clicker"! Numerous children and adults like these critters. The adorableness of these animals is irresistible to anyone who observes them bathing or eating grass. Capybara Clicker is the definitive clicker game featuring capybaras. Enhance the production rate of capybaras by clicking and purchasing upgrades to increase their reproduction rate. Change the weather and get different skins to build an aquatic guinea pig with a cool appearance.

Earn billions of capybaras
Click on capybara to do more. Purchasing upgrades that enhance the quantity of water guinea pigs generated each click and auto-click will increase your ability to generate more water guinea pigs. At the stroke of a button, billions of capybaras will be created. The boost button can be used to restart the game with a permanent benefit.

Unlock custom skins
What is superior to a capybara? A capybara sporting some slick attire. In the skins menu, you can unlock different skins for your capybara and select your favourite. Additionally, you can unlock several weather settings for the right backdrop.

Create several capybaras
Get auto click and upgrade to increase your earnings.
Unlock cosmetic upgrades for your capybara
Alter the weather for the ideal background

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