Lurkers io is a new io game in which everyone has an equal opportunity to win. Enter and attempt to reach the top of the scoreboard. The objective of Lurkers io is straightforward. You must defeat as many adversaries as possible. Cooperate with other players, since it is tough to defend against strikes that include cooperation. Ensure you know your comrades in order to avoid being shot from behind in Lurkers io.

If you wish to live, the first thing you must do is construct a stronghold to shield you during the night's darkest hours. Buy new weapons with the money you acquire, rip your enemies to shreds, and eliminate them one by one until you rescue the planet from the impending catastrophe. Enjoy the basic 2D visuals that are randomly generated with complete details and the wide unknown landscape, as well as many game modes such as survival mode, Virtual mode in which you will battle against dwarves, elves, and orcs, and Battle royale mode!

How to play Lurkers

Build a base to shield yourself from zombies, get new weaponry, and eliminate your foes without registering an account. You may immediately join a server and begin playing online.
- WASD to move.
- Attack undead using the left mouse button or the space bar. Use the mouse to aim. 0-9, C to fall.
- Use the right mouse button to carry tools or nails. Buys upgrades.
- Enter to speak. Q to utilize emojis. Tab for leaderboard. Replace with health bars