About:, similar to Fortnite or PUBG, is based on the classic battle royale game format. This multiplayer survival game is attractive and challenging enough for fans of battle royale games to try. Will you be the last one to survive on’s battlefield?

How to play

In, you, as a player, will start with nothing and progress through the game by looting gear and weapons, and taking down other players in order to get their weapons and gear as well.

You also need to avoid the red zone that is getting closer and closer to the play area.

The last player standing will win the game. Think tactically and always stay cautious since there’s no respawn if you are taken down.

Game Tips

Below are a few tips that you may find helpful:

  • Play quickly and cautiously.
  • Find weapons and ammo quickly.
  • Always be tactical when you use ammo.
  • Hide inside buildings.
  • Utilize items with the best stats.

Game controls

WASD for moving.

Left mouse click to melee/shoot

1 to 4: Change weapons

F: Pickup/Reive/Loot

M or G: View map

V: Toggle map

Left-click on zoom to scope zoom

Q: Swap to the previous weapon.

R: Reload

Right-mouse click on an item to drop it.

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