Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

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Welcome to the Carrot Detective Studio! We're thrilled to have you on board as a detective. Your mission is to solve intriguing cases and earn rewards by locating hidden cats before your rival does. Can anyone assist in locating the elusive feline friends?


How to play:

You assume the role of Faye, whose mission is to locate missing cats! Join forces with your trusty companion "Carrot" to solve cases and earn rewards. In this game, players will navigate through beautifully designed locations such as the streets of Asia, the bars of Shanghai (no drinking while on duty!), or even the alleyways of Japan. Cats can be found in some truly peculiar hiding spots!


Tips and tricks:

  • Tap on things in these adorable interactive hidden object scenes to uncover hidden cats
  • Utilize hints to receive even more helpful clues, but be strategic in their usage!
  • Collect rewards and utilize gold to enhance your studio.

Put your detective skills to the test as you embark on thrilling adventures in this enchanting world! Get ready to discover the secrets behind all the missing cats!

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