About: is a multiplayer parkour io game with Minecraft graphics and various game modes. There are up to eight different game modes for players to choose from including Peaceful, Survival, EvilTower, BloxdHop, Worlds, CubeWarfare, DoodleCube, and Creative.

How to play features sandbox creativity, parkour, and combat, depending on which game mode you opt for.

In the BloxdHop game mode, the goal here is to get to the end of the map within the time limit. In order to get to the end of the map, you’ll have to jump from block to block of different sizes using parkour skills.

In the DoodleCube game mode, players need to create objects based on the theme given.

In the EvilTower game mode, the goal is to reach the top of the Evil Tower using parkour skills.

The peaceful mode in is similar to Minecraft's creative mode. Here, you can go anywhere you want to find resources and build.

In the CubeWarfare game mode, there will be exciting battles where you will compete against other players in a 3rd-person shooter setting.

Game controls

WASD to move.

Double tap W or press Shift to run.

Z, C, Caps Lock, or \ to crouch.

/ to start the command.

T to chat.

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