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Mine-Craft.io is a multiplayer game based on Minecraft. You can select how you play the game, but the most essential thing is to survive! In Minecraft io, you create your own world with distinct architecture, construct houses, schools, highways, and resource reserves in the same manner as in the classic version of Minecraft. Both darkness and other gamers are foes you must avoid. safeguard yourself. Therefore, constructing rapidly and securely during the day will keep you safe. The objective of Mine-craft.io is to obtain the greatest score or to be the last player standing. In Mine-craft.io, you can play alone or with many other players from around the world.

Move using WASD (or arrow keys)
F = open/close inventory of a player
Shift left = run
Enter = chat
Left mouse button = attack (hold for archery)
Right-clicking the mouse = action (place block, open block store and use teleport)
Keys 1 to 8 = rapid inventory movement of active items
Q = drop the current item
Esc = closes the active window / opens the game's menu





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