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Stickman Zombie Escape is an enthralling game where players guide a stickman to flee the dungeon. Prepare to overcome various obstacles and lend a helping hand to Stickman on his daring escape!


How to play

In this challenging dungeon, you'll encounter numerous zombies and traps. Progress through each level, utilizing your parkour abilities to navigate the blocks. Embark on an exhilarating journey towards freedom and a successful escape with more than 50 captivating levels awaiting your stickman character. Prepare yourself for a variety of quests involving levers, TNT, arrows, archers, locks, and keys along the way. Together, let's overcome challenges and aid Stickerman in his quest for escape! 


Tips and tricks:

  • Be cautious of stickman zombie archers as they possess incredibly swift arrows.
  • Stay alert for traps and scorching lava.
  • Knock down boxes, steer clear of spikes, and collect keys to unlock locks.


WASD = move
Space = attack

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