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About: PAPER.IO 2 2 is a multiplayer online IO game developed by Voodoo. In the enthralling game 2, conquer new lands and vanquish foes. Each player begins the game with a little island; grow it by colonisation, but watch out for other players. direction. You may be at risk of leaving your battlefield. Self-defend and do not be frightened to assault!

How to Play
Utilize the mouse to navigate and cover the map with your chosen colour. Claim a region by gliding over white space and other players' paint, then connecting it to your own colour.

When travelling against your colour, your tail is vulnerable to attack. This means that other players can use it to destroy you.

You will engage in ongoing conflict with other 2 players in order to reclaim your area and conquer theirs.

Tips and Tricks
Don't be excessively greedy. The longer your exposed tail, the greater the likelihood that you will be destroyed by an opponent.
Attack other players with confidence when their tails are revealed. Then claim all of the previously occupied white space!
3. Paint with caution and stick close to your territory until you are certain that it is OK to claim a broader area.
4. Move around the map's edges to reduce your exposure while gaining more and more territory for yourself!

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