About: Asphalt Retro

Are you prepared to race in the classic video game Asphalt Retro? Get the lead in the race and avoid being caught along the way. Put your driving talents to the test over the course of eight difficult circuits, during which eight race vehicles are improved each lap!

In this classic racing game, you race across the city at dusk with police sirens blasting in your rearview mirror. Pick from the world's most renowned places, choose a vehicle from your garage, and race to the top of the leaderboard by completing the most laps in first position. In this universe, any risk you take may be converted into profit! The dings you get at high speeds, the police vehicles you destroy, and your wanted status may all be a source of revenue! Just continue driving left and right and avoid incoming dangers. Gather boosters to increase your nitro or to escape from the stars. If you attract too much attention, you may be followed by police aircraft equipped with electrical strikes. Move left and right fast to evade these strikes and concentrate on your opponent. Follow the directions to prepare for the twists and get access to additional attractions! Good luck and don't give up against your formidable opponents.

How to play

Use mouse


Highlighting a cool arcade theme
Automobile and map choices
2 game modes
Accessible on mobile devices

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