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Stupid Way to Die 3: World Tour contains five entertaining minigames that challenge your abilities. The third part in the Stupid Way to Die series, it was created by Metro Trains Melbourne and the Australian Public Transport business to educate people about safety. In Dumbville 3: World Tour, the player is immersed in the town of Dumbville, which is laden with peril. Make money by playing minigames to fix up unsafe and perilous Dumbville homes. You may rescue the day and ensure the safety of Dumbville by playing Dumb Way to Die 3: Global Tour! I hope you enjoy yourself while playing in this intriguing game.

Game features:

- Get your tools already available to help make the town
- Dumbville and the rest of the Dumb world are safe again.
- Collect and play as your favorite Beans!
- Beware of dragons in disaster castle.
- Send Beans downhill of Dumb Peak - but watch out for the cheeky penguins.
- Prepare food for a super smoothie in Chaos cuisine.
- Explore a space station that changes Shuttle.
- Fly through the skies of Dumbville in a frantic flight!
- Overcome the Great Pyramids of Dumb-Gypt.
-Collect single page for all Beans!


Use the arrow keys to move.
Space - Leap and fly

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