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About: Stack Colors

Stack Colors is an extremely casual game in which you accumulate colored blocks by moving from side to side. Match as many colors as possible and propel them to the finish line with as much power as possible to earn incredible prizes!

You have control over your character, and the color of your character impacts the color of the things you must collect. You must also avoid picking up things of other colors, since doing so will lead you to lose your colored objects, and if you lose all of them, the game is finished. There are also areas where the color might change rapidly, requiring you to move swiftly to collect the correct things. Best of luck!

How to play Stack Colors

Slide to accumulate

Swipe from left to right to line your character with the proper color. You can only collect blocks of the same color as the one you are now carrying. When you walk on the incorrect color, you lose blocks and your temperature rises.

Get into a frenzy

Continue matching the correct color without making a mistake to enter the fever mode. In fever mode, everything is the same hue and you may pick up each block individually. Obstacles are also erased, transforming you into a color-gathering machine that is temporarily invulnerable.

Unleash your colors

Collect as many blocks as possible and tap rapidly towards the finish line to kick them away. The farther they will go, the more blocks you have and are compelled to utilize.


Simple game play
Gather colorful bricks
Avoid using the incorrect hue
Increase your score

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