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About: Minicraft

The most entertaining Minicraft game, absolutely free and offline. Build anything from tiny abodes to imposing castles by unleashing your creativity and embarking on a journey across infinite realms. Explore the boundless realm of creative mode, where your resources are unrestricted, or descend into the depths of the globe in survival mode, creating weapons and armour to combat ferocious creatures. Whether you go into the unknown alone or with others, you possess the ability to create, explore, and persevere. Minicraft is awaiting your arrival.

How to play Minicraft

The gameplay resembles Minecraft in certain aspects. The player must collect resources in order to create ore mining equipment, chop down trees, cultivate wheat, dig holes, and fight zombies and slimes. They must beat the boss, the air wizard, to win. The topic of the Ludum Dare competition for which the game was made is "Alone," and the game's entry description reads: "The goal of the game is to murder the last sentient entity in the world, ensuring that you will be alone forever."

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