Harvest Merging is a fun merge game in which you may make several unique objects. Combine things, perform several objectives, and follow the plot. Collect resources for building maintenance and cultivate fruits and veggies for food. Upgrade your structures to accelerate production, and your storage to unlock additional spaces. Gather uncommon objects and crack chests for energy and cash!

How to play
Please play the game in full-screen mode, since the game's resolution is not adaptable. The options are quite complex, and it may be unclear what to do at first sight. However, as you play, you will discover how to proceed. There will be an initial redirect, such as click here. This will offer an overview on how to play the game. There are several wooden pieces on the square tiles. You will match identical pieces of wood. This method of merging will permit the creation of new items. By unlocking chests of riches, you'll get additional points. You will be able to cultivate and prepare fruits and veggies in the cauldron. Then you will fix the town's homes.