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Run an ice cream shop in Papa's Freezeria!  In Papa's Freezeria, you'll manage an ice cream parlor. You will be the manager of Freezeria, while Papa Louie is not at home. In this traditional restaurant management game, bake beautiful cupcakes for your summer vacation clients.

How to play

Make delicious desserts

Initially, life at Papa's Freezeria was uncomplicated. You may play like Alberto and Penny. A few clients are waiting for you, and the gameplay is quite simple and beach-inspired.

You will be happy with your meal if you make the customer's preferred custard according to the directions. The game begins with a straightforward introduction to your new job.

Manage your time effectively

If you believe that your summer employment is simple, you will be astonished. The shop became more busy as the days progressed; customers are growing increasingly demanding. You will need to coordinate many ice cream orders simultaneously, thus time management is crucial.

At the conclusion of each level, your points for extra ingredients, mixing, baking, and waiting will be totaled. Optimize your score to get the best advice!

Buy upgrades

Papa requests that commissions collected be reinvested in the firm rather than being retained.

As the task grows more difficult in subsequent stages, you may purchase a variety of store enhancements. You may purchase blender booster upgrades, grind level notifications, and automated ice cream manufacturing, among other options. Automation is crucial as your consumer base grows! You should also update the shop's furnishings.

Get more about your customers

Recognize your customers. Papa Louie won't nag. He maintains a notebook with the personal details of consumers, from custard-apple aficionados to average customers. Examine this book to discover what your consumers desire.

Papas Freezeria Tips

You must keep a tight check on the gauges while spinning the frozen rolls until you can buy an upgrade with client tips. When they turn green, you should go to the next station. Mixing excessively might result in less tipping. You don't want to sacrifice quality for speed, since the game's tempo may accelerate very fast. Ensure that you prioritize improving your quality of life before purchasing décor. Decorations are wonderful for quality enhancements and wait times, but you must be careful!

Enhance the store on the island and wow Papa when he comes to Papa's Freezeria!

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