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Baldi's Basics Classic is a survival horror stealth game that mocks edutainment from the 1990s and never takes itself too seriously. Explore Baldi's schoolhouse and attempt to locate all seven notebooks, but avoid Baldi! He wants to engage in a game of hide-and-seek, but something... Is off. You have a multitude of equipment you may employ to your advantage, but Baldi has allies who can give you trouble if you're not cautious. And remember, Baldi hears every sound you make, so remain as quiet as possible!

How to Play Baldi's Basics

The controls mirror those of first-person walking simulators. Move and strafe with the WASD keys. Explore with the mouse. Hold shift to run for a brief duration. Left-click items and the surroundings to gather them and interact with them. The objective is to gather seven notebooks hidden across the classes. Locating them is just the first step. Each presents a set of mathematical puzzles. Attempt to solve them and verify that the answer is valid. Otherwise, you will suffer the tutor's terrifying wrath. Sometimes, there is no correct response. This is when the horror really starts.

There is something very unnerving about living in a world of illusion. Eventually, even the most naive individual begins to see the paint job's flaws. Who designed this façade, and what lies beneath it? Experience Baldi Fundamentals for free and discover the reality of the described events. Uncover the deepest truths and fight for your life in order to finish the narrative.

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