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About: Hexar.io

Hexar.io is a free.io game in which players must acquire as much land as possible. Hexar.io draws inspiration from the finest IO games, but adds a fresh and entertaining twist. Hexar.io does not need account creation or login. You will battle against the most players in the game, and your objective is to get the best score or be the last person standing. On IO GAMEDS, we have recently updated a large number of new and top Hexar.io-like games. Plus, you can play all of our other free and secure games!

In Hexar.io, you control a little sphere by tapping the screen and swiping your finger slightly. Your orb leaves a semi-transparent trail as it moves, which will reappear when you contact your color again. To destroy an opponent, just make contact with their tracks.

The more regions you conquer, the higher your score. However, the disadvantage of a huge territory is that other players will attempt to conquer it, and the larger it is, the more difficult it is to defend the whole area. You will be victorious if you encounter another player INSIDE your zone.

How to play
Utilize the mouse and function keys, or consult the on-screen directions.

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