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Make it Meme is the best free online game for letting your imagination and sense of humor shine. Just start a club or join one, and wait for other players to join. When the game starts, each person is given a random joke and has a certain amount of time to come up with a funny comment. Then, each player has 15 seconds to give a rating for these creative jokes. The joke with the most points wins in the end. Normal, Same Meme, and Relax are the three game styles you can choose from. Pick the mode you're best at and show everyone how funny you can be. Don't forget to save the jokes you like and send them to your friends.

How to play Make it Meme

- Gather your friends or join a game that's already going on.
- Use the game's large library of pictures, text, and stickers to make fun jokes with your friends.
- Let your imagination run wild and think of the best comments or changes to make your memes stand out.
- Once everyone has turned in their works, it's time to rate them. Vote for your favorite memes to find out which one is the best.
- Get points based on how you rate memes and move up the list to become the best meme master of all time.

Game features:

- Play with friends: Invite friends to play with you or join a public game to meet other joke fans.
Rich meme library: To make the perfect meme, you can choose from a huge library of popular pictures, text styles, and stickers.
- Options for personalization: You can add your own touch with filters, effects, and tools for editing text.
- Vote and Rate: Review jokes made by your friends or other players and give them a rating.
- Leaderboards: Keep track of your progress and try to be the best joke maker in the world.
- Frequent updates: Enjoy a library of memes that keeps growing, as well as new features and tasks that keep the game interesting.

What's holding you back? Call your friends, put on your meme hat, and start laughing! Join "Make it Meme" right now and become a star in the world of fun by making memes.

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