ShooterZ is a fantastic first-person shooter game based in the blocky and pixelated Minecraft universe! You may play as any of the game's entertaining characters and attempt to survive waves of pixelated zombies. You must gather food and water to maintain your health and energy levels, and you must also mine resources to create tools and weapons.

Traverse the map to discover any hidden riches; but, keep a look out for the zombies, as they will attempt to attack you day and night! This is one of the most entertaining Minecraft-inspired games accessible to play. Can you survive in this planet made of blocks?

How to play ShooterZ

Arrow keys or WASD = Move
Space bar = Jump
Mouse = Shoot
1 to 9 = Change weapon


Inspired by Minecraft gameplay
Each crafting tool contains information about the object's specifications.
You may establish your own playing style.
Five playable characters with distinct equipment are available.