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About: Slice it All

Slice it All is a calm and entertaining game. Touch to flick the knife and cut incredible barriers in an exciting manner. Cut or slice anything and become a master at slicing! Crop virtually all things except pointy ones. Go through all stages by slicing almost all objects and avoiding traps. Upgrade the knife, and it will get more powers. Get the highest score to win the game.

How to Play Slicing Everything

In Slice It All Mod, you will be required to operate a knife in order to finish a variety of stages. Each level has a variety of difficulties that must be defeated. Yet, with your own sharp knife, you can still easily cut through them.

Just clicking on the screen will cause the knife to immediately delete everything. Iron pipes, bricks, oranges, pencils, etc., will be among the obstacles on the path. The more items you cut, the greater your prizes will be. This is another intriguing game with fairly simple rules.

Game controls: Mouse = click to repeatedly jump

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