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About: Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset Classic is a third-person longboarding game in which the player plays the role of a panda skating downhill on a synthetic wave-themed coastal road built randomly.

Collect Tanuki Bits to fill your Bonus Roulette Clock and attempt to amass as many points as possible while navigating tight corners.

Drifting regularly. Maximize your score by spending time in the air and avoiding automobiles and obstacles while pushing your luck close to walls and edges for near misses and squeezes.

This game accepts input via Xbox 360 controllers and keyboards.

How to play

Left & Right to steer
Down to perform 180 degree slide
Spacebar to drift

Tanuki Sunset Tips

To get extra points, try your luck. Float through corners. Perform a 180-degree slide. Cycling close to obstacles offers you bonus points for narrowly missing them. You get points for almost anything except plain riding, so do as many stunts as possible!

You may gather icons depicting a ringing phone, a young raccoon pleading for assistance, and a tape. Ride the floating tape to drastically alter the game's soundtrack and graphic style.

Respond to the ringing phone for a new aim. Capture the tiny raccoon drifting away on a balloon to get a raccoon companion for your downward journey.

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