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Guess the soccer player in eight guesses from the blurred photo, or for a more difficult task, conceal the photo of the player. "Who is Y?" is a football quiz that provides a daily guess in football word format to a new player. Build your statistics and publish them on social media in order to boast. Will your finest streak occur at the end of the season?

How to play
As in the original, Who Are Ya? consists of a certain number of attempts (eight in this case), with each try revealing something that your prediction and the target player have in common. At the beginning of the game, a hazy image of a player will be displayed. All of them will play in one of Europe's five major leagues: the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or the Bundesliga. The game will indicate whether your forecast regarding the nationality, league, club, location, or age of the players was accurate.

For instance, if you select Jorginho and the circles for the league and his position are lighted in green, but the rest of the circles are grey, you know you are searching for a Premier League midfielder and not. Italian who does not play for Chelsea. and not turning 30 in the near future.

Having a greater number of green squares facilitates an accurate estimation with fewer attempts. If you correctly estimate the person after eight attempts, all five tiles under their name will become green. After each guess, the player's image becomes slightly clearer. However, you cannot trust the hues because they have been adjusted. It is not as simple as you believe, but if you enjoy football, you should give it a shot. Have fun!

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