About: STACK

The video game Stack involves stacking blocks as high as possible. How far can you reach? Enjoy the finest stacking games for free by playing today. 

In the stacking game, players must stack objects to create a tall tower. If your tower is too unstable, it will collapse and you will lose the game. If your stack is discarded, you must begin from scratch!
Stack several forms atop one another to construct your tower. When attempting to match triangles and circles, this is a really challenging task! Can you stack them without causing your tower to become too unstable?

In certain games, you will be required to create stacks and then rearrange or remove tiles from the stack in order to stack all matching tiles in a clean manner.
In some games, towers are constructed, and you must remove certain bricks, sticks, or forms while preventing the things at the top from falling in the incorrect way. Can you arrange or remove the pieces while maintaining a nice sense of balance?
Enjoy playing these incredible stacking games!

How to play Stacks

Use the left mouse button to stack the block.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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