About: is an abstract real-time strategy, a tactical conflict of dots, and an exhilarating nation conquest.

Fight your opponents by completing strategic riddles in order to increase your dominance in the global arena. In the epic battle game, lead your army to victory. Be victorious with this military tactic!

Conquer nations and territories, block and demolish the towers of your opponent, assault foreign regions, and protect your borders. Be intelligent and courageous in this tactical and rational cell conquering! Each of your actions will have repercussions; you must be a true thinker in both assaults and defense.

How do you play

To conquer other nations, examine the number indicated on each territory. They indicate the required number of troops to take the region. These territories are neutral and will not deploy their own forces. Other colors indicate territory occupied by opposing troops.

Tap a region under your control and then drag a line to the region you want to conquer. Your soldiers will march in that direction. One unit will remain behind. When you govern a region, it generates fresh troops. This will help you develop your army more quickly, but if you spread it too thin over numerous states, your defenses will suffer.

The challenge is to strike a balance between obtaining new territories and soldiers and maintaining enough forces to protect the regions you currently hold. Likewise, you must carefully observe your opponent's movements and attack when their army is in a weakened position.

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